Adam Fainman is an audio/video producer from Toronto, Ontario. With a BSc. in Applied Computer Science from the University of Winnipeg, Fainman is always finding ways to apply his technical skills to creative, and (generally) musical projects. Adam has collaborated on projects with artists from all around the world, including Brazil's Sem Modos, Joanna Majoko from Zimbabwea, Toronto's Collection Get!, and Stryk9 out of Portland. He is currently finishing the Digital Media and Design program at Red River College while producing for an audio/visual production studio, Trendkill Productions.

Adam has done a wide range of work involving videography, animation, audio recording, web design, and graphic/poster design. Projects include work with the University of Winnipeg's Global College, producing music videos for local musicians, putting together musical events, while currently producing a web series called "In The Loop" in collaboration with Trendkill Productions. As well, fellow producer David Musso has joined forces with Adam Fainman to create new ways of mapping live projections that sync to music. Most recently performing the production at Jazz Winnipeg's Nu Sounds Series.